At the end of WW II, after his release from a POW camp, Aldo Palandri returned home to find the family home, had been burned to the ground and destroyed. With the help of local tradesmen, the family set to work building a new house. Aldo learned to produce beams, floor boards and cabinets all from wood that had been felled on the family property. Aldo was never afraid of work and even learned to make his own hand tools and tooling, such as chisels, smoothing planes, jointing planes and molding planes, to smooth and edge all the floor boards and millwork that had to be made by hand. It was these events and experiences, which planted the seed and nurtured his love of wood and carpentry.

Aldo married and immigrated to Canada in 1954 and settled in Regina where he gained employment as a labourer for various local construction companies. Later, he attended carpentry classes that were offered at trade school and worked his way towards the journey man classification. He thoroughly enjoyed working with wood and instilled this passion in his two sons. From a very early age, he would routinely bring them to the various job sites where they helped their father and learned many different skills and techniques. In 1972, Aldo ventured on his own and started Palandri Construction, doing whatever work he could find. His focus soon shifted from
general construction work to cabinets and interior trim. With a reputation for exceptional workmanship and strong work ethic, his business grew and his sons Joe and Renzo joined him, first, helping out after school and then on a full time basis. In these early days, the tools were all brought to the job site and all the cabinets were built there. As more tools were acquired and cabinet construction techniques changed Aldo’s garage served as a shop. In 1985, they moved their shop from the garage to a 1700 sq. ft. commercial space and changed the company name to Palandri Cabinets & Interior Finishing. As Joe and Renzo took on more of the day to day responsibilities, the business grew and Palandri Cabinets’ shop increased in size to 3500 sq. ft. and featured a small showroom. After Aldo’s retirement, Joe and Renzo completed the transition by incorporating the company and expanding once again. After purchasing the building outright, an addition with offices and new showroom was started in the summer of 2005 and completed in early spring of 2006.

Today, Palandri Cabinets has invested heavily in the latest high tech equipment and design technology to produce their cabinets as efficiently as possible, thereby, reducing employee fatigue and enhancing staff pride and moral. Taking what Aldo saw as his passion and love, Joe, Renzo and the staff of Palandri Cabinets are continuing Aldo’s legacy, to design and manufacture top quality cabinetry with the best available materials, hardware and incorporating the most up to date design standards. Whether the customer prefers the latest trend setting styles or old world traditional cabinetry, Palandri Cabinets is more than willing and able to undertake and complete the project to the highest standards.